Thank You

I would like to thank the significant people in my life who have started, supported and helped fuel my art career. The most important people are:

My Mom – who always has supported me in every decision I have ever made unconditionally. A wonderful Mother, supporter and lover of Art.

My Dad – who introduced me to art, without him, I would not be where I am today. As a child my Dad would draw wonderful pictures and I would try to copy them…that’s where my love of art began.

My Daughter Jasmine – is such an inspirational, creative and talented singer/songwriter! Her amazing compositions, gorgeous voice and guitar playing amaze me! Now living in Victoria, a degree in Microbiology she is working for Oceans and Fisheries and enjoying her new career. She is continuing to write with her new band “Craving Rain” I am so proud of her and the wonderful woman she has become!

My Boyfriend – who is my rock and supports my hopes and dreams.

Charmaine Pratt –former manager of Avenida Art Gallery downtown Eau Claire Market location. She helped me receive the exposure I needed and boosted my art career. She has been a tremendous support to me, and has always believed in me as an artist, and I feel honoured and very lucky to have connected with her on this Artful journey.

A student of life, always learning, always evolving, always taking chances, her journey being seen through the paintings she creates at each stage of the way.

My Clients and Collectors- Thank you for supporting me and the arts!!