An uncontrolled ride of discovery.

Kimberley Cook AFCA CSPWC has been drawing and painting since childhood. Her desire is to “create beauty” in every area of her life. For Kimberley being creative is like breathing, an essential part of her life keeping her grounded and peaceful. There is beauty in the simplest of subjects and Kimberley’s paintings try to capture their fleeting ephemeral beauty. A student of life, always learning, always evolving, always taking chances, her journey is seen through the paintings she creates at each stage of the way. She loves to take an intimate look at the things that inspire and matter to her and portray them with love, sensitivity, and feeling.

Kimberley composes her paintings but is not restricted by sketches drawn in the planning stage but lets her intuition and paintbrush guide her. Whether in watercolour or oil her painting style is about allowing the paint to take her on an uncontrolled ride of discovery.

Life is our intricate magical colour-filled collage of moments and memories woven together evolving into a spectacular tapestry of our own unique life… Art is Life and Life is Art.

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